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Anarchy threatens to consume the Republic of Damos, orchestrated by the KRAMEI INDEPENDENCE AND LIAISON LOBBY FOR ENDING RADICALISM. A plan years in the making to overthrow order has started to come to fruition. A native of Kramei has created a new life for himself on Damos. A number of years ago he denounced the methods and ideology of his contemporaries. Still haunted by his past, and with the Lobby's endgame in sight, SENJEK BOHMET fears his life is about to be turned upside down. Hostility on Kramei has only grown since the Republic sent a garrison to the planet. Many fear war is inevitable. Will Senjek risk everything to hinder the coming storm? Or will he be an omen of more tragedy to come?


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Subscribers of Kindle Unlimited can read

The Kramei Insurrection - A Fatal Vendetta

for free for a limited time.

The Debut Book By

John Houtz III

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